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    j. l. beauchamp
    kate upton
    kevin barraza
    xinxing zhang
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past members
    daniel thomas
    jinshan gao
    chang ho sohn
    evan neidholdt

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Recent Graduates
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Daniel Thomas
Ph.D., Chemistry, 2016

Chang Ho Sohn
Ph.D., Chemistry, 2011

Evan Neidholdt
Ph.D., Chemistry, 2010

Hugh Kim
Ph.D., Chemistry, 2008

Ronald L. Grimm
Ph.D., Chemistry, 2005

Robert Hodyss
Ph.D., Chemistry, 2005

Recent Postdoctoral Scholars
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Jinshan Gao

Tae Young Kim


Beauchamp Research Group
Noyes Laboratory of Chemical Physics and the Beckman Institute
Pasadena, California 91125