jinshan gao
Noyes 36, x6543 (626-395-6543)
Email: "jsgao "@caltech.edu" appended

Ph.D., 2012, Purdue University, Chemistry

Postdoctoral Scholar, Caltech

Jinshan Gao is interested in utilizing free radical chemistry combined with mass spectrometry for proteomics and glycomics. He has designed and synthesized several novel free radical reagents for the structural analysis of proteins and glycans. His current projects at Caltech include:

1: Proton reagent for acid-catalyzed glycan sequencing (PRAGS) and free radical activated glycan sequencing (FRAGS) reagent. The resulting systematic PRAGS- and FRAGS-directed deconstruction of the glycan can be analyzed to extract glycan composition, sequence, and branch structure. The initial results from this project were published in JACS and can be found here.

2: The third generation of free radical initiated peptide sequencing (FRIPS) reagent. This new FRIPS reagent overcomes the drawbacks of the old FRIPS reagents by introducing a pyridine moiety with moderate proton affinity, thereby avoiding protonation of the TEMPO group.

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