kevin m. barraza
Beckman Institute 227, x2778 (626-395-2778)
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B.S., 2011, Stanford University, Chemistry

Graduate Student, Caltech

My research focuses on the mechanistic and kinetic studies of hydroxyl radical oxidation of biologically and environmentally relevant compounds under atmospheric conditions at air-water interfaces and on solid surfaces using a novel hydroxyl radical oxidation source utilizing dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) cleavage of water. Studies of reactions at the air-water interface utilize field-induced droplet ionization mass spectrometry (FIDI-MS). Lipid monolayers on the surface of droplets have been studied as pseudo-biological systems to understand the preliminary oxidation processes that may occur in biological membranes exposed to hydroxyl radicals (i.e. alveoli in the lungs).

Because alkanes compose approximately 50 percent of the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) produced by vehicle exhaust and comprise 50 percent of gasolines, the DBD hydroxyl radical source has been used to characterize the oxidation processes that dominate alkane degradation in the atmosphere in tandem with direct analysis in real time mass spectrometry (DART-MS). Chemically aging various alkyl-containing molecules gives insights into the various products of alkane oxidation in the atmosphere.

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Beauchamp Research Group
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