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    daniel thomas
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Current Projects

FIDI-MS: Field Induced Droplet Ionization - Mass Spectrometry
Understanding chemistry at the air-droplet interface

Biomolecule analysis by free radical-driven dissociation
Utilizing free radicals to "unzip" biomolecules in the gas phase to better understand their sequence and structure 

Ion Mobility Spectrometry
Application of novel ion mobility instrumentation to study biomolecules

Tholin Functional Group Analysis
Tholins are species synthesized under conditions similar to those that exist on Titan

Novel Space Flight Instrumentation
Working with collaborators at JPL to design proof of principle instrumentation for space

Past Projects

New Reagents for MS-based Proteomics
Novel chemical cross-linkers for protein structural analysis, isobaric tags for quanitative proteomics, and electron scavengers for understanding ecd

Electrospray Ionization Mechanism
Investigations of Charged Droplet Breakup and Ion Formation in Electrospray Ionization

Chemical Sensors
Using quartz crystal oscillators to discriminate chiral species

The Cosmic Dust Analyzer (Dustbuster)
A New Generation Impact-ionization Time-of-flight Mass Spectrometer for in situ Analysis of Cosmic Dust

Beauchamp Research Group
Noyes Laboratory of Chemical Physics and the Beckman Institute
Pasadena, California 91125