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B.S., 2006, Seoul National University, Chemistry

Ph.D. Candidate, Caltech

Chang Ho is working on several projects involved in the broad range of research fields such as ECD/ETD mechanisms, identification and quantification of protein-protein interactions and detection of post-translational modifications including phosphorylation and tyrosine nitration. To cover this wide range of interests, he collaborates with Dr. Cheol Keun Chung who was the former postdoc in the Grubbs group at Caltech (now in Merck Co. NJ), Sheng Yin and Prasanna Ramachandran in the Loo group at UCLA, Proteome Exploration Laboratory in the beckman institute and Dr. J. Eugene Lee in the Deshaies group in Biology at Caltech. Followings are brief descriptions of his current projects.

1. The effect of a variety of electron affinity tags on peptide fragmentation associated with electron capture and electron transfer dissociation (Dr. Cheol K. Chung, Sheng Yin, Prassana Ramachandran and Prof. Joseph Loo) The manuscript was published in JACS. [pdf]

2. The effect of odd-electron hydrogen atom scavenger on peptide fragmentation associated with electron capture and electron transfer dissociation (Sheng Yin, Ivory Peng and Prof. Joseph Loo) The manuscript is in preparation.

3. Gas phase separation of specific analytes in complex mixtures using ion mobility spectrometry - ion cross section modification by chemical derivation (Sheng Yin and Prof. Joseph Loo)

4. Investigation of protein-protein interactions at systems level using novel chemical cross-linkers (Dr. J. Eugene Lee, Dr. Sonja Hess and Prof. Deshaies)

5. "Label-free" method for detection of nitrated tyrosine residues by ETD/orbitrap mass spectrometry (Sheng Yin and Prof. Joseph Loo)

6. Development of novel isobaric tags for relative and absolute quantification of protein expression based on a novel gas phase fragmentation pathway - the alternative of iTRAQ or TMT reagents. Theoretically it is the "N-plex" reagent with "N-1" combinations of isotope-encoded chemical moieties. We are performing the proof-of-principle experiments.

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