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Summer Researchers in the Beauchamp Group

Ge Jing, ChengDu No.7 High school, ChengDu, China
OH oxidation and anti-oxidation of biologically related lipids

Weiqing Nie, High School Affiliated to China Southern Normal Univ., GuangZhou
OH oxidation of environmentally related surfactants at the air-water interface

Past Summer Researchers

Andrew Lucas, Undergraduate, Caltech
Dielectric barrier discharge ionization imaging mass spectrometry

Lily Chen, Undergraduate Caltech
Oligosaccharide and glycopeptide analysis utilizing gas-phase free radical and acid-catalyzed reactions 

Reilly Dalleska, High School Student, Flintridge Prepatory School
Development of low-cost ambient ionization source

Matt Lappin, Undergraduate, Caltech (2012, 2013)
Design and implementation of a novel fourier transform mass spectrometer

Aleena Patel, Undergraduate, Caltech (2012, 2013)
Development of techniques for mass spectrometric sampling of liquid/liquid interface

Keziah Kim, High School Student, Flintridge Prepatory School (2013)
Analysis of glycans using mass spectrometry

Cassy Quiring, High School Student, La Canada High School (2013)
Analysis of surfaces by desorption electrospray ionization

Kerry Betz, Undergraduate, Caltech (2012)
Laboratory models for chemical reactions on the surface of Titan

Byoungsook Goh, Undergraduate, Gwanju Institute of Science and Technology (2012)
Bursting bubble ionization for the analysis of liquid surfaces

Paul Weitekamp, Undergraduate, UC Santa Barbara (2010-2011)
Field-induced droplet ionization of levitating droplets

Beauchamp Research Group
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