Zhang, Xinxing
Beckman Institute 227, x2778 (626-395-2778)

B.S., Fudan University, Chemistry

Ph.D., JHU, Physical Chemistry

Postdoctoral Fellow, JHU

Postdoctoral Scholar, Caltech

My undergraduate research at Fudan University, Shanghai, focused on the synthesis and catalytic applications of carbon nanotubes supported metal nanoparticles.

My Ph.D. and first postdoc research was in the Bowen Research Lab at the Johns Hopkins University, where I mainly studied the chemistry and physics of the "small world" of clusters of less than 20 atoms. In the "small world", quantum mechanics dominates, time scale ranges from femtoseconds to nanoseconds, spectroscopy is both the tool and the goal, high vacuum is needed, and research is highly instrument-oriented. "Small world" helps to understand the essence of the matters.

Here at Caltech, I moved from the "small world" to the "big world". Still using the physical chemistry tools, I study the interface chemistry that could provide model systems to answer interesting questions of biological and environmental chemistry. In the "big world", quantum mechanics is too expensive to use, molecular dynamics plays a role, and much more chemistry is involved. "Big world" can have much more pragmatic applications.

In all, I am enthusiastic to diverse my research with different spatial and temporal scales. Travelling in many orders of magnitude of scales in chemistry research is an enjoyment and a privilege. I cherish every research opportunity that I could have.

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Beauchamp Research Group
Noyes Laboratory of Chemical Physics and the Beckman Institute
Pasadena, California 91125